Morpheus – The Unhackable Processor

Morpheus is a processor, developed by a research team at the University of Michigan. The specialty of this processor is that it is unhackable. Recently, the cases of violating the cyber laws and cybercrimes have exceeded a lot. Taking this situation into account, the academic researchers’ team endeavored to do something unique as well as smart enough; so that it can’t get hacked while providing security to its users.

Morpheus – The Unhackable Processor

Morpheus – The Unhackable Processor Overview

CPU is like the brain of the computer and has all the systems and circuits accountable for receiving commands, executing them, and controlling the output. But CPUs are not meticulously flawless, hence they are super easy to hack for professional hackers. 525 academic security researchers spent several months hacking this processor. But, they failed to hack Morpheus, therefore they declared the processor as unbreakable and unhackable.

Morpheus can Change Its Core Structure by Itself Only

This special processor chip can change its core structure every now and then if needed.

Developed in 2019, by a research team at the University of Michigan, hacking the Morpheus can become a puzzle for the hackers if they tried to get into the system. The Morpheus processor not only can change its core structure but also changes the process of data execution. This makes the hacking process more perplexing and obscure for the trespassers.

How This Processor Work?

Computer processors are essentially a hardware component, which allows various software applications to run smoothly on one system.

The processor needs to accommodate a design and framework such as x86 for most laptops/PC and ARM for smartphones. This framework is a set of instructions or commands; needed by the software to run successfully on the processor.

Furthermore, this processor has ‘guts’, which allows the processor to the set of instructions or commands of a software. The ‘guts’ even evaluates the execution speed of the given instructions and provides the necessary power to the hardware to run the application.

Now when it comes to Morpheus, the hackers must have a thorough knowledge regarding the micro design or framework to get through and execute their malicious intention or plant a malware application within the hacked system. That’s why the Morpheus has the ability to become a puzzle and unhackable; to prevent getting hacked or getting planted any malware into its function.

This thought might come to the mind of the users that the software running on the processor or the other functions that are running might get affected and/or destroyed. But this does not happen. This randomization of the microarchitecture of the Morpheus processor does not harm any of the applications, functions, or software.

Although the processor changes its executions randomly, a hacker with good skills might get through it. That’s why the researchers of the Michigan University; who developed this highly commendable processor, engineered it to change its system every few hundred milliseconds. So that the hacker needs to reverse-engineer the work he had already done to hack the system, and that he needs to do in are really short time limit before the processor changes its structure again.


So, it is approved by the developers and the researchers of Michigan University; this processor named Morpheus is apparently unbreakable and unhackable.

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