Battlegrounds Mobile India release soon as Krafton says it’s almost time.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release soon as Krafton says it’s almost time.

PUBG Mobile Indian version, Battlegrounds Mobile India, may be coming soon. Krafton has begun teasing the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India, saying “It’s almost time!” This certainly raises the excitement level in people anticipating the launch ever since pre-registration opened on May 18.

Krafton, however, is still not telling us the release date, but everything in the new poster hints at a release slated for this month. To put things in perspective, several gaming content creators and industry insiders have previously pointed to a June 18 launch.

In the new poster, Krafton asks PUBG Mobile enthusiasts if they are “missing the chicken dinner?” And then, it goes on to suggest that “it’s almost time!” The keyword here is almost that hints at a launch that should take place within this month. Otherwise, the word “almost” would not make much sense.

Some prolific gaming content creators such as Maxtern and Ghatak have been telling the same thing for quite some days, that the launch will happen on June 18 — one month after the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India kicked off. Krafton’s teaser falls somewhat in line here.

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There is one confirmation, though, coming out of this teaser. That is “chicken dinner.”

I mean Krafton is trying hard to urge people not to make comparisons between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile.

The reason is pretty simple: it does not want its new Battlegrounds Mobile India game to share its fate with PUBG Mobile, even though both are one and the same.

Except for the name and a few other elements, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be identical to PUBG Mobile functionality-wise. Then, why give up the famous “chicken dinner?”

Krafton’s attempt to keep Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile separate entities in India makes sense. It does not want gamers to feel Battlegrounds Mobile India is aloof.

The last one, especially, does not seem to have come through that well. As many as three politicians have raised concerns against Battlegrounds Mobile India release, some even terming it a comeback of PUBG Mobile that would risk India’s sovereignty.

For what it is worth, Krafton does not need the government’s permission to launch a game or an app in India as long as that game complies with the guidelines of Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to reach customers.

However, much like PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India may be brought under scrutiny or review by the government after its release, possibly leading to a ban.


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