What is CSC?

Common Service Centres (CSC) are physical facilities for delivering Government of India e-Services to rural and remote locations where availability of computers and Internet was negligible or mostly absent. They are a multiple-services-single-point model for providing facilities for multiple transactions at a single geographical location.

CSCs are the access points for the delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education, and agriculture services, apart from a host of B2C services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. It is a pan-India network catering to the regional, geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the country, thus enabling the Government’s mandate of a socially, financially, and digitally inclusive society. 

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Officially, the objectives of the CSC have been stated as follows:

  • Access to information: all remote/ rural citizens.
  • Delivery of public services – G2C & B2C.
  • ICT for rural Empowerment of socially disadvantaged people for inclusive growth.
  • Access to quality education/skill upgradation.
  • Access to cost-efficient & quality health services.
  • CSC as a change agent – To promote rural entrepreneurship, enable community participation, and effective collective action for social improvement,
  • Through a collaborative framework, the objective of CSC is to integrate the twin goals of profit-making and social services, into a sustainable business model for achieving rapid socio-economic change in rural India.

The following types of services are expected to be provided at the CSCs:

  • G2C Communication – All G2C (Government to Consumer) Communication including Health, Education, Agriculture, Human Resource Development, ✓Employment, Fundamental Rights, Disaster Warnings, RTI, etc.
  • Information dissemination – Interactive kiosks, voice & Local Language Interface, including web browsing
  • Edutainment – Including multi-functional space for group interaction, entertainment, training, and empowerment
  • e-Governance & e-Services – Transactions like Market (e-Krishi) Information, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Post, eForms to request government services, etc.
  • C2G Kiosk – Grievances, complaints, requests, and suggestions.
  • Financial Inclusion – Payment for NREGA, etc.
  • Healthcare – Telemedicine & remote health camps have also been envisaged as part of the CSC’s extended functionalities
  • Agriculture
  • Rural BPO.


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