What is the Salary of Pediatricians? How Much Money They Earn

There are many specialties in the medical, some are centric on the treatment of specific diseases and some on specific parts of the body. Likewise, the pediatrician revolves around the care of infants, children’s and adolescents.

The steps to becoming a pediatrician require too much study, pressure, and college expenses. That’s why it’s very important for many medical students and doctors to know the salary of pediatricians across the various locations in order to choose the best surgery and practice place for a handsome salary.

Fortunately, pediatricians can get a handsome salary, but those days are gone when doctors across the town were assumed to be the wealthiest resident of the town.

Salary of Pediatricians
Salary of Pediatricians

Today I have made a clear list of the places where a pediatrician can earn a good salary and also the list of the least paying places.

The average annual salary of Pediatricians in the US is $184,570, according to the BLS, which is almost three times more than the annual salary of any regular job.

The Top 10 Places Where Salary of Pediatricians are Very High

Here is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states in the US for pediatricians where they can get the most salary:

  1. Alaska average pediatrician salary: $268,010
  2. Wisconsin average pediatrician salary: $266,160
  3. Mississippi average pediatrician salary: $258,910
  4. Nevada average pediatrician salary: $258,750
  5. Montana average pediatrician salary: $248,370
  6. Utah average pediatrician salary: $240,060
  7. Iowa average pediatrician salary: $237,030
  8. Alabama average pediatrician salary: $220,910
  9. New Hampshire average pediatrician salary: $217,810
  10. Minnesota average pediatrician salary: $216,450

The Least 10 Places Where Pediatrician Salary is too Low

Now, here is a list of the 10 least-paying states in the US for pediatricians where they receive the lowest annual salary:

  1. Kansas average pediatrician salary: $126,740
  2. Michigan average pediatrician salary: $132,310
  3. Illinois average pediatrician salary: $147,250
  4. Arizona average pediatrician salary: $151,420
  5. Florida average pediatrician salary: $153,630
  6. South Carolina average pediatrician salary: $155,780
  7. Nebraska average pediatrician salary: $156,520
  8. Louisiana average pediatrician salary: $156,960
  9. Ohio average pediatrician salary: $162,870
  10. Pennsylvania average pediatrician salary: $162,990

This was the list of the salaries of pediatricians in various locations, actually, the salary of pediatricians much more depends on the locations, experience, and skills.

The Salary of Pediatricians also depends on the type of sector you will work in, if you go to a government hospital the salary will be average as per the pay scale of the state, on the other hand, if you go in the private sector you can take the huge salary as per your skills.


So, I hope it may be clear for you to the whole list of pediatrician salaries across the various states in the US, and now you may be able to choose the best location for your practice to get a handsome salary.

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